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    Quick References
    Administration:   412-795-4880
   Mr. Joe Fishell, Principal
   ext. 6371
   Mr. Michael Gauntner, Assistant Principal
    ext. 6313
 Mr. Adam Szarmach, Assistant Principal
    ext. 6311
     ​Administrative Assistants:
   Mrs. Shari Klein, Main Office
   ext. 6301
   Mrs. Tracey Liberatore, Main Office
    ext. 6302
 Ms. Mary Kay Watson, Attendance
     ext. 6321
   Mrs. Cathy Smierciak, Guidance Office
  ext. 6304
     Guidance Office:
   Mr. Robert Fekety, School Counselor A-Do
   ext. 6316
   Ms. Kerry Plesco, School Counselor Dr-La
    ext. 6309
   Ms. Nadia Abbondanza, School Counselor Le-Rh
    ext. 6317
 Mr. Richard Mull, School Counselor Ri-Z
    ext. 6315
Please visit our ​website​ for updated personnel and contact information.
   Exceptionally Prepared for Success   ​ 4

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