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Students are responsible for all assigned textbooks/materials. The textbooks will be collected at the end of the year and should reflect normal usage. If the books are in any other condition, the student will be assessed a fee accordingly.
TRANSPORTATION ​ ​Board Policy 810
Many children in the elementary schools are transported to school by bus. Acquainting your child with the bus stop before the school term begins will give your child confidence in traveling to and from the bus stop. If your child walks to school, encourage your child to use good pedestrian safety at all times and to walkwithinmarkedlineswhereprovided.​V​ isit​TransportationWebpage​forinfoaswellas​StudentCode of Conduct​ for information on student bus behavior.
If you need to speak to one of your child's teachers, principals, or school administrators please email or call the school, or person directly to leave them a message. Voicemail extensions and email addresses can be obtained under the Contact tab of the PBSD home webpage. ​An appointment will need to be made in order to enter the building​. You may only enter through the main school entrance by being buzzed in and proceeding into the office. If you will be entering the school, please bring a valid state-issued driver's license with you. Your license will need to be scanned through our Raptor system before you can be issued a visitor's badge. For student pick-ups and drop​-offs, a staff member will meet you at the front entrance door and escort your child.
If you are interesting in being a volunteer chaperone for your child’s field trips please visit our District Volunteer Webpage​.
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