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Table of Contents
     Holiday Park Elementary Contact Information
 To better assist our students, we believe communication with our families is critical. Below is a list of concerns that may arise and a corresponding hyperlinked list of school personnel or information to help address an issue. Official location of all district information includes: ​
    Person To Call
    Person To Call
   Course/Class Grade
   Teacher Issuing Grade
      Teacher Issue
   Teacher Principal
 Teacher School Counselor
   Medical/Health Forms/Nurse Information
 School Nurse
      Course/Class Placement
    School Counselor
     At-Risk Students
   School Counselors Intervention Principal
        Attendance Information
    Administrative Assistant School Counselor
       Code of Conduct/Student Behavior/Policies
   PBSD WebPage
  Lunch Account/ Lunch Menu/Treats
     Food Services
       Athletic Information
     Athletic Office
      Bus Issues/ Discipline
 Transportation Principal
   General Information/ School Calendar/ 4-Day Rotation/
 HP Webpage
    HP Webpage
     Trip Request
   Request Form
  1:1 Devices/ Technology
     ​Educational ​ Technology
        Facilities Request
     Request Form
    HP Campus Maps
  HP Webpage
    Follow HP on Twitter
     Exceptionally Prepared for Success ​ 7

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