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    Scheduling Timeline
  6th to 7th Grade Transition
   7th to 8th Grade Transition
     ● April25,2019​-6thgrade Parent Orientation at Oblock Junior High School @ ​6:30 p.m.
● April29,30,May1,2019-
6th Grade ELA + Math placement tests @ Holiday Park
● May3,2019​-6thgrade Student Move Up Day at Oblock Junior High School during the school day
● May6,7,and8,2019​- Oblock School Counselor assists 6th grade students with course scheduling at Holiday Park Elementary School
  ● February15,2019​-teachers make course recommendations
● March11,13,and142019​- School Counselor assists students in scheduling via 1:1 device during the school day.
      Exceptionally Prepared for Success   ​ 7

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