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 4. ​Online Dual Enrollment​: Indiana University of Pennsylvania (IUP) - ONLINE
An additional path to earn college credit while in high school is by online dual enrollment through Indiana University of Pennsylvania (IUP). The student will pay a fee to IUP (at a significantly reduced cost of $400, compared to standard tuition cost), and will take the online class on their own time. Students can complete the coursework during a study hall during the school day, or at home. The class will count for both IUP credit and Plum credit.
At the end of the course, students will receive a transcript from IUP with the credits awarded, which can potentially be transferred to the student’s intended college/university. All colleges and universities have varying policies for transferring credits from other universities. Students and parents are encouraged to research their intended college/university to determine their credit transfer policy.
● Students who enroll in any of these courses are required to attend a mandatory ​orientation​ at an IUP campus
● Students are limited to enrolling in 2 classes per semester during their junior and senior years.
Click here​ to view information for dual enrollment online through IUP.
5. Educational Release - OFF CAMPUS
Another path to earn college credit while in high school is to participate in Early Educational Release to take courses at external institutions, such as CCAC. Coursework at outside educational institutions such as CCAC can count for both CCAC and Plum credit. Students would pay the CCAC tuition for these courses, and attend courses in person at CCAC. Students receive a transcript from CCAC indicating their successful completion of the courses, and those credits can then be applied towards Plum graduation requirements.
Click ​here ​for list of CCAC courses.
Educational Release can also include:
● Apprenticeship experiences
● Volunteer service
● Work experiences
● The release time from Plum Senior High School may not exceed three periods.
● Students participating in Educational Release will report the nature and location of their experience to their
Guidance Counselor at the beginning of the school year. Students will also report to the Guidance Counselor on
the status and progress of their experiences at the end of each marking period.
● Students may receive PHS credit for coursework approved through their Guidance Counselor.
● Students can choose to include grades from outside coursework calculated into the student’s grade point
● Alternatively, students can take CCAC courses during the summer session and those credits can be applied
towards Plum graduation requirements. Students should consult their guidance counselor.
● The responsibility of all costs and transportation related to the nature of the Educational Release (including a
school parking pass) rests with the student and their family, not the Plum Borough School District.
● The District is not responsible for the facilitation or liabilities of experiences off a Plum Borough School District
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