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    Air Force Junior ROTC (AFJROTC) Program
   The Air Force Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps) is a program designed to develop citizens of character dedicated to serving their nation and community. “History of Aviation” is the required course for all students taking Junior ROTC. Fourth year students, with instructor approval only, may enroll in the Cadet Core Management course. The Survival and Summer Leadership courses are supplementary courses to the AFJROTC program.
Students will be required to wear the AFJROTC cadet uniform to class once per academic week. Uniforms (including PT uniform) will be issued at no cost. NO MILITARY OBLIGATION IS IMPOSED, EXPECTED OR INCURRED WHEN A STUDENT PARTICIPATES IN AFJROTC CLASSES.
Participating in JROTC provides an added benefit to those enlisting in military service (added rank) and continuing into an officer candidate program (Service Academy or College Scholarships).
**College credits can be obtained by earning a “B” or above in any of the core AFJROTC classes and enrolling through University of Louisiana-Monroe.
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