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    This introductory​ c​ ourse is designed to introduce students to differential and integral calculus. The concepts of limits, continuity, derivatives, and integrals are developed with a variety of functions, including algebraic, exponential, logarithmic, and trigonometric. Skills and techniques are emphasized along with problem solving and application in real-world contexts. Technology is integrated throughout the course as needed to solve problems and foster a richer understanding of the concepts.
PREREQUISITE: Student must have the following:
● Final grade of B or better in Precalculus/Trigonometry OR a final grade of C or better in Honors
● Composite score of Proficient or Advanced on the Algebra I Keystone.
  Data Science
  0.5 Elective
    In this semester course, students will learn how data science is done in the real world, with a focus on data acquisition, cleaning and aggregation, exploratory data analysis and visualization, and model creation and validation. If time permits, we will explore machine learning and use coding to work through real-world examples that illustrate these concepts. Concurrently, students will learn some of the statistical and mathematical foundations that power the data-scientific approach to problem solving. The course will end with a capstone project where students will choose a topic of interest to explore, analyze, and present their conclusions gleaned from the data. Technology will be used extensively, including Tableau, Python, Piktochart, and Google Suite. ​This course is not approved for ​NCAA credit​. PREREQUISITE: Student must have the following:
● B or better in Algebra 2 or completion of Honors Algebra 2.
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