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   AP Music Theory
    AP Music Theory is designed to develop mastery of the musical elements of pitch, intervals, scales and keys, triads and chords, meter, and rhythm. Speed and fluency with these skills and materials will be emphasized. Musicianship skills such as dictation and other listening skills, sight-singing, and keyboard harmony are considered an important part of the theory course. Students will build upon this foundation with complex tasks like melodic and harmonic dictation, realizing figured bass and Roman numeral progressions, implying appropriate harmony, analysis of repertoire based on elements of music and sight singing. It will be fundamental for students to read and notate music for the course, in addition to having proficient performance skills on an instrument or voice. It is recommended that students have strong performance skills on their major instrument/voice. In order to receive weighted grading credit for the class, students must earn a B or better in the class (click ​here​ for AP policy).
PREREQUISITE: Student must have all of the following:
● Class Piano and Music Theory with a “B” or higher.
● Composite score of Proficient or Advanced in all 3 Keystone Exams.
  “Education in music is most sovereign because more than anything else rhythm and harmony find their way to the innermost soul and take strongest hold upon it.”
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