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   History of the Holocaust
   0.5 Elective
    The History of the Holocaust is a semester course offered in the Social Studies Department. The Holocaust (1933-1945), also referred to as the Shoah, occurred during WWII. Millions of people were persecuted and ultimately perished as a result of a policy of genocide implemented by Nazi Germany. The subject is a difficult one to interpret, but students in this course will seek to understand how and why such a horrific event occurred in history. The topics explored will include, but are not limited to, the following: (1) Why study the Holocaust, (2) The History of Anti-Semitism, (3) The Rise of Nazi Germany, (4) Early Stages of Persecution, (5) The Final Solution, (6) Resistance, (7) Perpetrators, Collaborators and Bystanders, (8) Liberators and Survivors, (9) Memory, Legacy and post WWII Genocide. This course is limited to 50 students. ​This course is not approved for ​NCAA credit​.
PREREQUISITE: Student must have all of the following:
● B or better in prior year Social Studies class.
     Exceptionally Prepared for Success   ​ 53

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