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 Keystone Exams
The class of 2020 and all subsequent classes will be required to score proficient or advanced on the state required Keystone Examinations for Algebra I, Biology, and English Literature. Plum Senior High will employ instruction, resources, and remediation steps which afford students the best opportunity for success on the Keystone Exams. Studentsnotscoringproficientoradvancedonanyoftheexamsbytheendoftheir11t​h​gradeyearwillberequiredto complete a project based assessment relating to their content of deficiency, and may also be required to participate in a related remediation class. Students may retake the exams as many times as needed to achieve proficiency as the state permits, until the end of their junior year.
Scheduling Process
School Counselors will meet with students and present recommended class selections based upon academic progress, post-secondary aspirations, and potential career goals. Any questions concerning a class can best be answered by either a School Counselor or the teacher(s) currently teaching the classes in question.
Because of the potential for adverse educational impacts to class offerings, class sizes, and even staffing, requests for changes to class selections will not be taken after the last day of the school year (6/10/2019) for the 2019-2020 school year​. T​ his includes semester courses that may not begin until January 2019.​
If there are extenuating circumstances that warrant a change in a student’s schedule after the June deadline, the schedule change request must be provided in writing to the student’s school counselor. Any schedule changes after the June deadline will be noted on the student’s transcript. If the change is to a different level of a similar course, the change will be noted with a W (withdrawal) on the student’s transcript, with no effect on the GPA. If the change is to drop the course completely, the change will be noted with a WF (withdraw/fail) on the student’s transcript and will affect the student’s GPA.
It is the responsibility of students and parents to thoroughly review class selections and return a signed ​Schedule Agreement​. If there is an error or desired change on the Schedule Agreement (student’s class requests), the parent should contact the appropriate School Counselor prior to the end of the school year to make the necessary corrections. Failure to return a signed schedule agreement with any questions or adjustments before the last day of the 2018-2019 school year will result in the schedule remaining the same. Parents will be required to complete the ​Parent Override Form​ if they choose to have their student take a course they are not recommended for.
Study Hall Policy
Students may not be scheduled for more than ten (10) study halls per six-day cycle.
Rank and Academic Merit
Class rank is calculated and is available through the School Counseling department at the request of post-secondary institutions and scholarship organizations. Class rank will not be displayed on student transcripts.
Students with a 4.0 grade point average and above will be awarded a medallion for “Academic Excellence” at commencement, and lead the roll call procession. Formal valedictorian and salutatorian standings will not be recognized
but may be merited through rank requests of post-secondary institutions and scholarship organizations.
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