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    General Electives
     COURSE #
 FEA Internship
    NOTE: This class is offered every other year, offered in only in even years (2018-19, 2020-21, etc.).
This internship course is available for juniors and seniors interested in a career in education. Students will be partnered with teachers in various Plum Borough schools to gain first-hand experience in a classroom setting. Students enrolled in this elective will be responsible for the completion of various tasks and responsibilities associated with planning and preparation, instruction and learning, and other professional responsibilities within the teaching profession. The requirements and program criteria will be jointly developed by the HS course facilitator and cooperating teachers. This class is graded as pass/fail and is scheduled during 12th period to allow travel to the placement schools.Students are responsible for arranging their own transportation. Site visits will take place 2-3 times/week and will rotate to multiple sites.
    Students will learn the basic skills needed to produce the ​Criterion​, the school yearbook, and ​Plum Hi-Lites​, the school newspaper. Students will become proficient in organization, photography, layout, design, interviewing, writing, editing, reporting, proofreading, business management, and marketing. Students will learn and use Josten’s Yearbook Avenue computer program in creating the yearbook and additional software to produce the school newspaper. This course will emphasize the concept of the yearbook and the newspaper as journalistic products, reference tools, and permanent records of the school year. Students’ graded assignments will require them to attend activities outside of the school day (such as sporting events) for which students must provide their own transportation. ​The ability to meet deadlines will play a major factor in a students’ grade.
PREREQUISITES: Student must have the following:
● Completed Application.
● Teacher recommendation from his/her English teacher.
  SAT Prep
    S​AT Prep is a semester course designed for the college-bound student who desires to increase his or her level of preparedness for taking the SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test). This course will utilize online sites and resources as well as text based material that will be reinforced by the classroom teacher. The preparation will surround the Mathematics and English sections as well as general test-taking strategies and tips. Pre-tests will help guide the instruction throughout each subject.
PREREQUISITES: Student must have the following:
● Concurrent enrollment or successful completion of Algebra II
  Preparing for the Future
    This course provides students with additional support for three periods per 6-day cycle. The curriculum focus in this course will be on self-advocacy skills, time management and organization skills, study skills, and career exploration. This course will include presentations from the district’s Office of Vocational Rehabilitation (OVR) Early Reach Coordinator that will include the completion of career exploration opportunities through job shadowing experiences and guest speakers. The curriculum sequence will be aligned to the needs of the students enrolled in the course. PREREQUISITES: Student must have the following:
● Teacher or counselor recommendation
● Student has a 504 Service Agreement or an IEP
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