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    Online Learning
  Online Dual Enrollment Courses
Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Click here​ to view available courses offered as online dual enrollment at a reduced ​tuition cost​ of $400.40 per 3 credit class. These classes will count for both IUP credit and Plum credit. Students who enroll in any of these courses are required to attend a mandatory ​orientation​ at an I.U.P. campus and are limited to enrolling in 2 classes per semester during their junior and senior years.
Waterfront Learning: Online Electives
In addition to regular class selections, students will be afforded the opportunity to take online enrichment classes. Students taking online classes will complete coursework from an assigned study hall period. Waterfront Learning, a component of the Allegheny Intermediate Unit, will be the provider. The most updated listing of online course offerings can be found at: ​​.
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