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 Curriculum and Post-Secondary Planning
Ranging from workforce ready to advanced college preparatory, various levels of program planning can be created for each student. Students are encouraged to take classes that provide academic rigor in order to best prepare for post-secondary aspirations. Students may enroll in classes of various levels depending on individual need, ability, and interest.
In addition to a variety of academic levels, classes are also offered with variety of instructional delivery options, including online, off-campus, as well as on-campus. It is noted that courses taught at PHS may include a blended learning component​.
The content and competency levels of academic classes are designed to prepare students for post-secondary educational experiences. Because entrance requirements vary among post-secondary institutions, it is recommended that students select courses that demonstrate a marketable academic aptitude for potential acceptance to the post-secondary institution of each student’s choosing.
Advanced Placement (AP)
AP classes provide the highest level of academic rigor for students, using nationally-recognized, college-level curricula and offering students the opportunity to earn college credit while in high school. Expectations for assignments and workload will be intense and demanding. Students must be Proficient in all three Keystone Exams in order to take an Advanced Placement class. These courses receive weighted credit, (5.0).
College in High School (CHS)
CHS courses are college-level courses taught at Plum High School by PHS teachers which allow students to earn college credit. These courses are considered dual enrollment because they earn credit at both the high school and at the college offering the class. The student pays a fee to the university, and will receive a transcript from that university with the credits earned at PHS. The class is taught entirely on campus, by Plum High School teachers.
Honors classes provide higher levels of academic rigor for students with an interest and/or ability in contents beyond the regular academic level. Expectations for assignments and workload will be more intense than in the academic class. These courses receive a weighted credit for grades B or higher, (4.5).
Plum Cyber Academy
Plum Cyber Academy courses are entirely online, provided by Waterfront Learning, a component of the Allegheny Intermediate Unit. The students complete the coursework on their own time, either in school during a study hall or at home. Plum Cyber Academy courses give the students additional opportunity for class selection, and the credits count for PHS.
Special Education Programs
Special Education students are scheduled according to the specific needs identified in their Individualized Education Plans (IEP). A case manager (in addition to the student’s counselor) will be assigned to oversee the academic progress and needs of each identified student.
Supported classes provide comparable curricular content to academic classes. Competency levels of assignments and assessments are modified to meet the individual needs of students.
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