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 Dual Enrollment
1. Advanced Placement (AP) Classes - ON CAMPUS
AP classes are nationally recognized curricula, offering students the opportunity to earn college credit while attending high​ ​school. Expectations for assignments and assessments will be intense and demanding. Because of the high level of rigor, the AP courses receive weighted credit (5.0) for any student who achieves a grade of B or better as their final grade for the course.
● All students who achieve a final grade of B or better receive the weighted credit.
● Taking the AP exam is not a requirement to receive the weighted credit.
● Students must be Proficient or Advanced in all 3 Keystone Exam(s) in order to take an Advanced Placement
class. (Sophomores must be Proficient/Advanced in the 2 Keystone Exams they have taken.)
By taking AP courses, students can potentially earn college credit. When a student takes an AP course, the teacher prepares the students for the nationally-administered AP Exam, which is given at Plum High School in May. The exam is scored by College Board and the student receives an AP Score ranging from 1 to 5.
Depending on the student’s AP Score, the student’s intended college/university may award credit for a specific course at that college. For example, if a student scores a 4 or higher on the AP Calculus AB exam, Penn State University would give that student 4 college credits for their Math 140 course. As a result, your student would not need to take that class at Penn State, those 4 credits would be awarded to the student based on the AP course taken at PHS.
All colleges and universities have varying policies for how the AP credits are awarded. Parents and students are encouraged to research their potential colleges and universities to determine their AP credit policy. Click ​this link​ to go College Board’s search engine for college AP credit policies. This link will allow you to search for your intended college and see exactly what AP score is required to be awarded college credit. Further information on AP courses is available from guidance counselors and course instructors, and in the course descriptions in this document.
College Board charges a fee to take the exam. The fee is currently $94, and reduced fees are available for free- and reduced-lunch students. Please check with your guidance counselor and the ​College Board website​ for more information.
The following AP courses are offered at Plum High School:
  English Language and Composition English Literature and Composition US History
European History
US Government/Comparative Govt​. Psychology
Studio Art
Photography/2-D Design Computer Science A Computer Science Principles
Calculus AB
Calculus BC
Physics I
Physics II
Physics C
Spanish Language and Culture French Language and Culture Music Theory
                      2. Plum Cyber Academy: Waterfront Learning - ONLINE
In addition to regular class selections, students are afforded the opportunity to take online classes for Plum High School credit. Students taking online classes will complete the coursework on their own time. Coursework can be completed during a study hall during the school day, or at home. Waterfront Learning, a component of the Allegheny Intermediate Unit, will be the provider. ​Click here​ for course catalog information. More information can be found at:​.
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