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Student Handbook and Student Code of Conduct Annual Acknowledgement Form 2019-20
Please review the Plum Borough School District Student Handbook and Student Code of Conduct with your child(ren). These documents are found under the Parent Resources tab of the District’s website ​​ and are to be reviewed annually with your child.
Your understanding of the information contained within these documents is of utmost importance, as your child will look to you for guidance throughout their school experience. Should an issue arise, which pertains to the information recorded within these manuals, you will want to be informed. Housed within these documents are the school’s policies, such as: Discipline Code, Technology Use Agreement, Controlled Substance/Paraphernalia, and Weapons.
This form will be kept on file to acknowledge that you have reviewed the handbook and code of conduct. Please sign and return this verification to your child’s homeroom or first period teacher by​: ​Friday, August 30, 2019.
___________________________________________________________ Parent/Guardian Signature Date
___________________________________________________________ Student Name Teacher
*If your child is starting school after the school year has already begun; return this form to your homeroom or first period teacher within their first 10 days of school*
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