Page 12 - 2019-2020 PBSD Code of Conduct
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  Examples but not limited to:
 ● Taking another person’s property ● Spreading rumors
 ● Hitting another person ● Name calling
 ● Taunting ● Writing hateful notes
 ● Persuading people to reject or keep out another person
Reports of “bullying” should be made to a building principal, assistant principal, teacher, or school counselor.
Bullying/Cyber Bullying may have Level I or higher consequences. In addition, conduct which constitutes Bullying or Cyberbullying may also constitute unlawful harassment, discrimination or hazing, which are also prohibited under applicable law and Board policies and may carry additional disciplinary consequences.
Refer to​ ​Board Policies​ ​103​, ​103.1​, ​247​, ​248​,​ and​ ​249​ for more information regarding Non-Discrimination, Unlawful Harassment, Hazing and Bullying/Cyber Bullying.
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