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 Care of School Property
Schools help students learn to respect property and develop feelings of pride in community institutions. Students are responsible for the proper care of school property and the school supplies and equipment entrusted to their use. Students who willfully damage school property will receive consequences, which can include legal consequences. Parents may be held liable for any damage or destruction to school property caused by their children. Refer to ​Board Policy 224​ for more information.
Chain of Command
How to Effectively Communicate with Plum Borough School District
The Plum Borough School District is committed to communication with parents and the community. We believe open lines of communication are essential to the educational process. District staff members will make a concerted effort to respond to inquiries in a timely fashion. Please note that staff members are not permitted to contact parents during instructional time and thereby, will not correspond to you immediately during the school day. In the event of an emergency during the school day, please contact the Main Office.
Parents are advised to contact their child’s teacher(s) or educator in charge of the class or program via voicemail or email when a question or concern arises. Should your child’s teacher(s) not be able to assist in fielding the inquiry or addressing the concern, please follow the Chain of Command below. The Chain of Command serves as a resource to parents and the community regarding communications with various departments for other concerns or questions.
Need immediate assistance during business hours? Please call the main office:
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