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Participation in Special Events​ ​(Activities/Athletics)
Student attendance in school on the day of any extracurricular activity (athletic event, club activity, musical, concert, Homecoming, Prom or field trip) is expected. At minimum, students must attend one-half of the school day​ with a valid excuse for late arrival/early dismissal, to be eligible to participate in the extracurricular activity.
Participation in extracurricular activities and athletic events is a privilege. Violations of the Code of Conduct may also result in exclusion from participation in such events and activities, in addition to the consequences set forth below. Students assigned to in-school or out-of-school suspension are prohibited from participating in activities/athletics until the day after the suspension ends.
Safe Schools Act
Pennsylvania law requires a mandatory one-year expulsion for the possession of weapons on school property, including school buses and school-sponsored events. It requires parents to provide a sworn statement upon registering their child in school as to whether the child had previously been suspended or expelled from another school. Act 26 also requires schools to maintain records on acts of violence and weapon possession and to forward student discipline records when a student transfers to another school.
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