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 Student Expression
 The board reserves the right to designate and prohibit manifestations of student expression that are not protected by the right of free expression because they violate the rights of others. Refer to Board Policy 220​ for more information.
The following are not protected and are prohibited:
● Expressions which are libelous or defamatory.
● Expressions which are lewd, vulgar, obscene, or profane.
● Expressions which would substantially interfere with the rights of others, including another
● Expressions which school officials reasonably believe will cause actual and material
disruption or interference with school operations.
● Expressions which actually disrupt or interfere with school operations.
● Expressions which would substantially interfere with another student’s educational
● Expressions which harass or intimidate another student including, but not limited to racial,
ethnic, or religious slurs.
● Expressions which incite violence or are fighting words.
● Expressions which advocate the use of alcohol or tobacco by students, or the use of illegal
● Expressions which depict or imply racial, religious, or ethnic hatred or prejudice.
● Expressions which advocate or urge violation of law, school policy, or school regulations.
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