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    Misbehavior whose frequency or seriousness tends to disrupt the learning climate of the school. These infractions, which usually result from the continuation of Level I misbehavior, require the intervention of personnel on the administrative level because the execution of Level I disciplinary options have failed to correct the situation. Misbehavior at this level does not represent a direct threat to the health and safety of others.
    Including but not limited to the following:
● Continuation of unmodified Level I behavior
● Using forgery ● Threats
    Phone call or written communication to parent/guardian concerning infraction. The student is referred to the administrator for appropriate disciplinary action by the on site staff member. The administrator meets together with the student and staff member and concurs upon the most appropriate response. The teacher maintains a proper and accurate record and documentation of the offense and the disciplinary action.
    DISCIPLINE Options/Responses
    ● Modified day
● Positive behavior modification
● Temporary removal from class
● Refer to school psychologist and outside organizations.
● Temporary In-School or Out-of-School Suspension
● Options of Level I can be applied
● Administrative Discretion
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