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    Acts directed against persons or property but whose consequences do not seriously endanger the health or safety of others in the school. These acts might be considered criminal but most frequently can be handled by the disciplinary mechanism in the school or referred to other authorities.
    Including but not limited to the following:
● Continuation of unmodified Level II behavior
● Vandalism
● Failure to comply with existing school regulations
● Unauthorized occupation of school premises and facilities
● Harassment
● Fighting
● Smoking/Vaping
    Administrator initiates disciplinary action by investigating the infraction and conferring with the staff on the extent of the consequences. Administrator meets with the staff member, student and confers with the parent about the student’s misconduct and resulting disciplinary action. Proper and accurate records to be kept by administrator in the office There is restitution of school property and damages. (If recommended), following disposition of the infraction, the student is scheduled for counseling sessions with school counselor.
    DISCIPLINE Options/Responses
    ● Out-of-school suspension
● Alternative Program
● Detention
● Options of Level I and II can be applied
● Removal from class
● Informal Hearing
● In-School behavior modification
● Arrest
 All Level III records will be kept on file indefinitely in the office.
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