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    Acts which result in violence to another’s person or property or which pose a direct threat to the safety of others in the school. These acts are clearly criminal and are serious of which require administrative actions, which result in the immediate removal of the student from school, the intervention of law enforcement authorities, and action by the Board of School Directors
    Including but not limited to the following:
● Continuation of unmodified Level III behavior
● Extortion
● Bomb Threat
● Possession/Use/Transfer of weapons
● Assault/Battery
● Vandalism
● Possession/Use of unauthorized substances (drugs, alcohol,vape)
● Theft/Possession/Sale of stolen property
● Arson
● Furnishing/Selling/ Possession of unauthorized substances
● Inciting/Participating in a confrontation or school disruption
    The administrator investigates, verifies the offense, confers with the staff involved and meets with the student. Parents, law enforcement officials, and superintendent are notified and the student is removed from the school. A complete and accurate report is submitted to the Superintendent for Board action. Student is given a full due process hearing before the Board.
    DISCIPLINE Options/Responses
    ● Expulsion
● Alternative program/school
● Other Board action of which results in appropriate placement
● Arrest
● Modified or Extended Suspension
● Options of Level I, II, and III can be applied
 All Level IV records will be kept on file indefinitely in the office.
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