Page 43 - 2019-2020 PBSD Code of Conduct
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Teacher Detention / Lunch Detention / Reflections
Students must be present in the assigned detention/lunch detention area on assigned date/time/lunch. Failure to attend detention will result in further school discipline.
Administrative Detention (PHS Only)
Administrative detention is scheduled from 2:20 - 3:35 PM on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. High School Students assigned to administrative detention must report by 2:20 PM with sufficient work to take advantage of the 1 hour and 15 minute period. Special Education student responsibilities will be determined by individual IEP. Students who fail to report to Administrative Detention, do not cooperate with the supervising teacher, or refuse to engage in productive work will be assigned in-school behavior modification. Additional offenses will result in progressive school discipline.
Procedures for Student Exclusion or Expulsion from School
I. Principal’s Level - Temporary exclusion:​ The office of the principal may suspend a student for a maximum of ten days for an act that violates board policy, rules, and regulations. Such acts include, but are not limited to, the following types of offenses:
● Possession/use of tobacco and vaping
● Possession or consumption of alcoholic beverages on school grounds, school buses, or
while attending school-sponsored activities.
● Possession/under the influence of alcohol/drugs while on school grounds, school buses or
while attending school activities.
● Flagrant or disrespectful action or speech.
● Possession of obscene literature.
● Leaving the school building without authorized permission from school personnel.
● Violation of safety rules.
● Vulgar, obscene, or profane language, expressions, or actions.
● Classroom or hall disruption.
● Violation of school driving regulations.
● Forgery of absence excuses, early dismissals, or parental permission slips.
● Refusing to identify oneself upon request of an administrator or teacher.
● Extortion.
● Cheating or falsification of school documents.
● Overly demonstrative show of affection on school property.
● Violation of any law/ordinance of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania or Borough of Plum.
● Fighting.
● Hazing/Harassment.
● Use of cards, dice, and other such games unless initiated by the classroom teacher for instructional purposes.
● Theft of school property or of another person’s property.
● Students may be suspended from school and its related activities for actions occurring outside the limits of the
school if such suspension in the view of the administration is reasonable, necessary for the physical or
emotional safety of the well-being of the individual, or for the safety of other members of the school community.
● Violations of the Computer Security Agreement or the Internet Security Agreement.
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