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Early Dismissal
Appointments for students should be scheduled after school hours, except in cases of emergency. Should an appointment during school hours be imperative, parents should communicate a request for an early dismissal, which the student should present to the school office or attendance office at the start of the school day. Electronic, scanned excuses, with parental signatures are also acceptable. The note must state: student’s full name, date of dismissal, time of dismissal, reason for dismissal, signature of parent/guardian, and phone number of parent/guardian for verification. All students must check out through the school office/attendance office when leaving the building for an early dismissal.
Excused Absences
Six reasons are defined as excused absences from school:
1. Illness
2. Healthcare
3. Death in family
4. Family Educational Trips with Prior Approval (Note: A completed ​Request for Student Excusal
from School for Educational Tour or Trip​ form​ ​must be submitted to the principal two weeks prior
to the trip)
5. School Approved Educational tours and trips (See School Counselor)
6. Religious holidays
A student who misses class work and exams due to an excused absence may make up all work
within a time period equal to the absence, plus one additional day, unless alternate arrangements are agreed upon between the student and the student’s teachers. The school may require the parent to verify a student’s illness with a written statement from a physician.
If a student accumulates ten (10) partial day and/or full day absences or displays a pattern of absenteeism, parents/guardians will be notified by school authorities via letter sent by first class mail. A partial day absence is defined as a tardy or early dismissal during the academic day. A tardy is defined as arriving to school after the defined daily start time for each building. Early dismissal is defined as leaving school any time after arriving to school.
Tardy to School
All tardies are considered unexcused unless accompanied by a medical excuse.​ Tardiness due to a medical appointment will be recorded on the student’s record as a medically excused tardy when a signed slip from the doctor’s office is presented to the attendance office. ​No parent excuses will be accepted for tardies​. Students must show their teacher a tardy slip from the attendance office for admission to class. When reporting late to school, students are to enter through the main entrance and report directly to the attendance office.
The first three (3) tardies will result in lunch detention. Additional offenses of three (3) accrued tardies throughout the year will result in progressive discipline.
Tardy and early dismissal minutes accumulate for the year. Minutes that accumulate for the length of standard school day will be counted as one unexcused absence. Example - 408 tardy or early dismissal minutes equals a day at the high school.
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