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2020 Little Creek Farms & Friends Brangus Bull Sale

                W.E.T. Farms                                                       Eddy and Mary Roberts

                                                                                    (386) 935-1416  Home
                   9414 N.W. 222 Avenue                                           (386) 623-4032 Cell Phone

                  Alachua, Florida   32615                                       We

             Welcome to the 13th Annual Li le Creek Farms & Friends Black Bull Sale at the Okeechobee Livestock Market n Okeechobee
                                    What do Bulls have in common with wine, whiskey, and cheese?
                 Answer:  A li le more  me makes them be er.  Our Brangus Bulls are be er with a li le more  me to mature.  How can you
         know that a show class, long yearling will perform ,grow and hold up in the pasture?  The answer is you don't.  But,  with access to
         a full feed program from birth  ll sale day, we know our bulls can forge and thrive, where your cows live.  They are mature to go to
         work and are pasture tested.
                 Our bulls are raised primarily on grass.  They know how to graze with feed as a supplement, not the main course. They are not
         born with their heads in  creep feed, mama raises them.  A er weaning, we use supplemental feed ,hand feeding makes them calm
         and used to people.
                 Brangus ca le are the standard for maternal traits and longevity that other breeds envy. Add to that the foraging, the heat
         tolerance the quality of the Brangus carcass. This package is se  ng the standard for the beef industry.
                Our thanks to Clemons family for hos ng and partnering with us in this sale. And thank you for coming to our Okeechobee
         Sale! Check out our offering and we hope you will find a perfect bull that fits your needs!  We are looking forward to seeing and
         visi ng with each of you!

                                                                                              Eddy Roberts

          All W.E.T. Farm Bulls are Semen tested and Trich tested by Dr. Ma  Peterson, DVM, Mayo, Florida     (386) 647-6589

                                                                                    Gretchen Kokomoor
         Sabal Ridge Brangus, LLC                                                        John Ward

                     26117 County Road 833
                    Clewiston, Florida   33440                                 (239) 872-0587 or (239) 872-0585

                                          Another year and we thank you for looking!
                         Thank you to all involved in this 13th Li le Creek Farms & Friends Bull Sale!
                                                                                       All Bulls:
                                                  We are very proud of our bulls!             Semen Tested
         Quality Gene cs, our bulls are born and raised right here in South Florida.       Trichomoniasis Tested
                                                                                            By Dr. Jessica Landa
             2 years old, they have lived, and are accustomed to our environment.
                                                                                           A.I. Services provided
                We now have Registered Brangus Bulls, year round,  Private Treaty.      By Jones Supply (i.e. “Jonesy”)

         Please come and visit any me and when you are in need of a Bull or Heifer,         Supplemented with:
                                                        place us in your thoughts!        ADM/AMPT Okeechobee
                                                                                          Range Mineral w/Garlium
                                                                                           ADM Mintrate Protein
            We wish that all of you, your family and loved ones,  stay healthy and strong         Blocks
                            during these trying  mes.  Our thoughts are with you all.
                                                                                             Vaccinated Yearly:
                                                                                          Ultrabac 8 Ca le Vaccine
                                                John and Gretchen                        StayBred VL5 Ca le Vaccine

                                                                                           Ca leMaster Gold FP5
                  All Sabal Ridge Bulls are Semen tested and Trich tested by Dr. Jessica Landa, Cracker Trail Veterinary Services,
                                                 Lorida, Florida     (863) 873-4143

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