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2020 Little Creek Farms & Friends Brangus Bull Sale

                          Li  le Creek Farms & Friends Black Bull Sale Terms & Condi  ons

         Bidding: Each animal will be sold to the highest bidder. The auc oneer in charge will se  le any disputes as

         to bids, and  his decision on  such ma  ers shall be final.

         Sale Terms: All sales are cash. Se  lement will be made with the clerks of the sale, immediately following
         the conclusion of the sale. Ca  le will not be released prior to se  lement.

         Purchaser’s Risk: Each animal becomes the risk of the purchaser as soon as it is sold.

         Cer  ficate  of  Registry: Each purchaser will be furnished a Cer  ficate of Registry for each registered animal
         once proper se  lement has been made.

         Health Papers: Health papers suitable for interstate shipment will be furnished on all animals.

         Announcements: Announcements made on sale day will take precedence over this sale catalog. Any

         changes will be announced from the auc on block at the beginning of the sale.

         Third Party Bidding: Purchasing absentee; If you are unable to a  end the sale, contact Jeff Clemons (863)
         763-3127 or Tommy Taylor (352) 215-1011 to arrange for a 3 party bidder. Your chosen Lot # and all discus-
         sions will remain confiden  al. The bidder will be  an uninterested person and will bid no more than your
         maximum amount.

         Breeding Guarantee:

              (A) All bulls are guaranteed to be breeders with the excep  on (1) injury or disease occurring a  er the sale;
         (2) negligence or willful mistreatment on the part of the purchaser .

           (B) A bull producing viable semen is considered a breeder. All claims for adjustment or return must be
         made in wri  ng within 6 months of the sale date.  If any animal guaranteed to be a breeder has not proven
         itself to be a breeder within the   me limit specified above, and in healthy condi  on weighing within 80% of
         sale date weight, he may be returned to the seller at the purchaser’s expense. The seller reserves the right
         and privilege of trying for a period of six months to prove the animal a breeder. If proven a breeder, the ani-
         mal will be returned to the buyer at the buyer’s expense. Should the animal fail to breed, the seller shall

         have the op on to replace the animal with an animal of equal quality, or to refund an agreed upon price.
         The return of full purchase price shall in any case be deemed full sa  sfac on and se  lement.    Any animal

         returned shall have a veterinarian’s cer  ficate that it is healthy and free of Brucellosis, Tuberculosis, and
         Trichomoniasis. This is not a life insurance policy, dead or injured animals will not be replaced.

              Also, we would like to thank each of you for looking at the catalog and hopefully a  ending the sale. If you

         have any ques ons or thoughts, please feel free to contact any of the par cipa  ng sellers or the Okeechobee
          Livestock Market. We will do our best to address your concerns and look forward to seeing you at the sale
                                                    on October 16, 2020!

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