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What to expect for the Institute in 2020
As ever, the Institute is working ahead to deliver a programme of events, services, exams and publications for our members and stakeholders. Here is a glimpse into what to expect.
 CILT Skillnet are improving the course offering of the GDP (Goods Distribution Practice) and Certificate in International trade for companies.
  CILT Skillnet is working on a logistics Masterclass Series which consists of seven one day workshops on a range of subjects in the logistics areas including procurement, warehousing, customs and human resources, and finance.
The Eastern Section along with Stena Line are planning to organize an event in late spring in Dublin Port to celebrate the new arrival of Stena Esrid.
ADR is now a Computerised Exam – similar in process to sitting the driver theory test.
Our new researcher Sabrina Zhang will work with the Policy Committee on research and papers for our members, stakeholders and industry alike. Sabrina is also a PhD researcher in Logistics & Supply Chain Studies for the National Institute for Transport and Logistics.
Education wise, CILT will grow our numbers on the Level 6 Higher Certificate course by adding value to the students
CILT Skillnet hope to have 30 subsidised funded places for the Level 6 Higher Certificate in Business in Logistics and Supply Chain Management. This funding can make a saving of €400 to €600 for students.
  DGSA will be held three times in the year in March, July and November.
CPC will be held twice in June and December.
We continue as the examining body for the HSA and Department of Transport.
All exam applications have moved to an online process making the administration more efficient for providers, candidates and CILT staff.
   studying with us. We also hope to open more centres of study and have greater use of online lectures for students.
2020 will also see initiatives to attract and increase membership levels. We hope the numbers of trainees that go through our Skillnet programmes will go on to become members. We will undergo a review of services available to members and improve the benefits on offer
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