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BSc in Transport Operations &
Technology at DIT
Roisin Murray, Head of Transport and Assistant Head of DIT, speaks to Linkline Journal on everything you need to know about the only course of its kind in Ireland. The four-year BSc in Transport Operations & Technology at DIT is an honours degree programme. The course is available for Irish applicants, mature students and international students. Statistics show that 67% of graduates from this course last year gained full time employment within three months. Those who are interested in a career in the transport sector should apply.
 Tell us about the course?
The main purpose of the programme is to prepare students for a career in the transport industry, whether it would be public transport, logistics or freight forwarding  It equips students with the knowledge to manage transport systems (passenger or freight transport) and also to familiarise them with the technology used behind transport  We really focus on the four modes of transport which are rail, road, air and marine and also the intermodality aspect to transport as well and transport systems 
I’ve said on many occasions in the past that transport is the backbone of an economy  Goods have to land on supermarket shelves and people have to travel with whatever mode of transport they use  It really underpins society, so I think it’s incredibly important and also the fact Ireland is an island nation we always need transport systems particularly in this country in order to connect with the global economy 
Because of that point there will always be graduates needed for transport and the transport sector  That’s why this programme is incredibly important  It’s the only Level 8 programme of its kind being offered in Ireland 
When was the course set up?
Around 1998 and its changed titles over the years  Originally it was the BSc in Transport Technology and then in 2005, BSc in Transport Operations & Technology  A lot of prominent figures in the transport industry would have completed this programme  It’s a full time programme, we don’t offer it on a part time basis  Ideally, it would suit people coming through the Central Applications Office (CAO)  We’re also trying to attract international students because transport is not just an Irish problem, it’s international, the issue of congestion recently addressed in an ever-growing economy  Also, we’ve had a number of students coming back into us having worked in the industry for a long time and they just wish to upskill and get a Level 8  You can come in at year one which is the typical entry route for CAO applicants or international students  You can also gain advanced entry into the programme and that’s anywhere from entering in at year two, depending on your work experience and whether you’ve any other certified learning  We look at it on a case by case basis  That’s the advanced entry route or the non-
Roisin Murray
standard entry route that people can apply for a place and that’s also done through the CAO 
Who should partake in this course?
Anyone who has a passion for transport, that could be passenger, freight or logistics  Anyone who has interest in working in the transport sector, in either road, rail, sea, or air  Our graduates end up working in logistics, freight forwarding, possibly a transport planner in a local authority or in somewhere like the National Transport Authority  Transport Infrastructure Ireland has graduates of ours  Also, in the private sector such as Dublin Airport, Irish Rail, Kuehne + Nagel, DHL, Cityjet, and Stobart Air  Our graduates usually work in the management or operations side of things or looking after technology and maintenance  You might not be a truck mechanic, but you will certainly be familiar with technology such as aircraft technology, or how vehicles work and the parts associated with trucks and ships, etc 
What are the benefits of the course?
The benefits of this course are there’s always job opportunities in this area  We are an island nation, we will always need transport  Goods and people will need to move
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