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                                                                                       Part-Time Professional Diploma for Logistics and Supply Chain Management
 “Career partner for life”
Alan Smyth,  rst-year student in Dublin:
"I am really enjoying the course  It links my real world working experience with the academic side and they both complement each other very well  I would highly recommend this course for all professionals trying to gain more knowledge in SCM”
John Brewer,  rst-year student in Dublin:
“Having worked in a family business for over twenty years I have found the Diploma very bene cial so far  It has given me an opportunity to step outside of my day to day to view and discuss the industry in a broader sense  The combination of the course content and the experience of the students in the class leads to some good discussions, which is great because it can give me a fresh take on some areas in my own work – on top of everything it’s great for networking”

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