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  Michael O’Leary (CEO Ryanair) with students
extremely important for aviation  You learn how other companies from different areas are run – how they have implemented change for example and you can get ideas that you can apply in your own job 
The core benefits to someone who is already doing a specific job is to learn further about the aviation industry, learn about management and leadership  It is extremely important for career progression, but also even for your daily life  By doing our course you develop a professional network too  Many students call each other about work related problems  For instance, if you are applying for Aer Lingus and you meet someone who works for Aer Lingus in the course they can give you a personal recommendation and the company insights 
In a nutshell, the course widens your understanding of the aviation industry, offers you an important certification, helps you develop a professional network and can help you get a promotion or a career change 
First year of the course
The first year was very special  We organised a series of CEO speakers  We had the pleasure and the honour to have Kevin Toland, who was at that time the CEO of Dublin Airport, Willie Walsh, CEO of International Airlines Group, Stephen Kavanagh, CEO of Aer Lingus, Dómhnal Slattery, Chief Executive Officer of Avolon, and a number of other CEOs  We even had Michael O’Leary, CEO of Ryanair  He gave an excellent talk and he was very honest, open and entertaining 
Our students really enjoyed the CEO series!
Last year we also organised the European Aviation Conference where we had a number of people from different companies, regulators and the European Commission  We do invite all our students in those events  It is a great opportunity for them 
We did have a very good start and we plan to continue like this  We are the only executive aviation course in Ireland  We are actually the only aviation management course in Ireland  DCU Business School is accredited by AACSB, a standard reached by only 5% of business schools worldwide reflecting its established international reputation for high quality graduates  So the course is recognised worldwide  Our vision is to offer the best executive aviation education 
So what if someone wants to apply for the course?
If someone considers applying to the course, then he/she should simply apply! The entry requirements as listed in the website are: Candidates should hold an honours primary degree (H2 1) or an equivalent professional qualification and / or a minimum of three years relevant experience  Given the nature of the programme, consideration will be given to a small number of students who do not meet the normal entry criteria for admission to the programme on the basis of their work experience and other relevant educational achievements 
  Michael O’Leary (CEO Ryanair) with students
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