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 continue to get worse and commuters will spend more time travelling to and from work each day  The goals of the scheme are to improve the efficiency of Dublin Bus services and give people the reliability of knowing exactly how long their journey will take 
By making travel time shorter and more reliable this in turn will attract more employees to Dublin to work and commute, strengthening our economy as an added bonus 
The 16 bus corridors will address traffic congestion and seek to lessen this  Tackling climate change by transitioning to a
fleet of low emission vehicles to further enhance the environmental contribution of the bus system is an added objective of BusConnects 
In October of this year the NTA will publish detailed and considered proposals for each of the 16 bus corridors  A full public consultation allowing people to provide feedback will commence at this stage  The NTA is set to fully engage with the opinions and concerns of locals and those who reside in the surrounding areas  Further information on the scheme can be found at www busconnects ie 
  The Chartered Institute of Logistics & Transport 41

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