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Tasked to Deliver Enery Saving Measures
Enprova has been set up by the Irish Petroleum Industry Association (IPIA) to achieve the energy e ciency targets set for them by Government under the Energy E ciency Obligation Scheme ( We represent a large number of the obligated parties under the scheme.
We aid and incentivise you to make energy and fuel efficiency improvements, which in turn impact on your company’s bottom line.
Funding Energy Projects
We can help you fund:
• Management systems such as ISO 50001, ECO eet etc.
• ECOdrive and similar courses: Driver training with measured results.
• Energy e cient building and equipment upgrades.
• Lighting upgrades: We can provide funding upfront. We can
assess lighting o ers you have received. With Enprova you
are free to choose your own supplier and installer. • Vehicle upgrades.
Our O er
• Up to 30% grant available on energy e ciency projects. • Free energy assessment (worth €3,500) of your business: We can help you understand where the savings and
funding lie.
• Action plan to deliver projects you feel are important to
your business.
        Like you, we face an increased legislative and cost pressure to be as energy efficient as possible. As an independent Irish business we offer uniquely tailored energy and fuel savings solutions that are tailored to your home, your fleet, your business and the environment, as well as the reassurance of our unique collaboration and backing of the Irish petrolium idustry association.
Together, we all have to contribute to a better tomorrow; so let us help you move forward today.
Tel: 01 801 0140

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