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Training and education obviously costs money but industry should concentrate on the return on investment such as improved productivity, employee loyalty, happier employees and improved efficiencies to name a few. Government are already providing training subsidies through the likes of the Skillnets programmes run by the CILT for the transport and logistics sector. Support it, make the most of the funding that is available. The harsh reality at the moment is that the transport and logistics sector are not exploiting what is available. Skillnets is a great opportunity to avail of 20% saving on the cost of training that your business needs to be doing anyway. Some examples of roles that will benefit from a renewed focus on training and education are:
• Blockchain technology applications for the supply chain sector
• Customs and excise
• Automated picking of orders
• Platooning leading to driverless solutions
• More integrated warehousing and distribution solutions
EI Brexit Scorecard
Brexit will require all sorts of new skills as will digital data management and automation solutions, all of which will obviously require up-skilling. Start now, develop your training and development plan for 2018, remember Skillnets and the soon to be announced new apprenticeship programmes.
      The Enterprise Ireland Brexit Scorecard is a simple questionnaire that gives management teams a clear overview of risk points, which will allow them to assess where planning and preparation is most required as a result of Brexit.
  This interactive online platform is a self-assessment tool designed to be completed by members of a company’s management team that have oversight of all operations – e.g. CEO, CFO, COO etc. It takes approximately 15-20 minutes to complete online. Once finished, a downloadable report with suggestions for action will be available. It will also sign post events and resources that may help in the context of Brexit planning.
Six pillars of Brexit preparedness
The scorecard is built on the basis of a ‘Six Pillars’ diagnostic which is divided into six sections. Each section represents a key performance area for businesses and has only four
questions. All that needs to be done is select and click the score that you think most accurately describes your company’s current level of performance.
The six sections are:
• Business Strategy
• Operations, Innovation
• Sales and Marketing
• Finance
• People Management
Once started, you will have 60 days to edit the information.
While the SME Scorecard is available to all companies, Enterprise Ireland client exporting companies that utilise the
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