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 ADR Driver Certificate Examinations
In April 2007 the HSA appointed CILT as the Examining Agent for the ADR Driver Training Certificate examinations.
In April 2002, The Health and Safety Authority (HSA) became the competent authority for administering the examinations for the ADR Driver Training Certificate, required by drivers who transport dangerous goods by road, for all ADR Classes except Class 1 and 7 (please see the ADR FQA section on for more information on these). In April 2007 the HSA appointed CILT as the Examining Agent for the ADR Driver Training Certificate examinations.
The process for ADR Certification:
1. ADR Training Course
Candidates must complete an Approved ADR Training Course in either Basic and/or Tanker Specialisation with one of the Course Providers listed on our website at on the ADR page. When the course is completed the Trainer will give the candidate a combined exam application / declaration form.
2. Apply for ADR Exam
The completed application form, signed passport sized photograph and appropriate fee must be sent to:
ADR Department
The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport,
1 Fitzwilliam Place, Dublin 2, D02 DT68
Please indicate first and second choice of venue and exam date on the form provided. The application should reach CILT no later than Ten Working Days before the first exam date.
3. Notification of Exam:
Is by letter with all instructions for the exam.
4. Exam Results:
Pass - candidates will receive a certificate within five working days of exam.
Fail - candidates will receive a letter with the areas they need to address and instructions for the repeat exam.
Exam Format:
Papers consist of 36 multiple choice questions (English language only) divided into three sections A, B and C. There is a minimum of eight correct answers per section
in order to pass.
If completing both exams (Basic and Tanker) in one sitting candidates are deemed to have failed if they do not achieve a passing grade in the basic paper.
Appeals Procedure:
If a candidate wishes to appeal the result, the answer book will be sent to a designated member of the ADR Policy Unit in the HSA for a recount. The candidate will then be notified of the result.
Timeframe for Sitting Exam after Training:
• New candidates have 12 months to sit the exam after completing their course.
• Refresher course candidates must sit and pass exam(s) before the expiry date on their current certificate. (If not, they will have to complete the full training course(s) again before applying for the exam).
• Candidates can re-sit an exam repeatedly for a period of six months. After the six months, they must attend the relevant course again before being eligible to take a further exam.
Renewal of Certificates:
The certificates can be renewed at any time in the final year of certification for an additional five-year extension of validity.
CILT recommend candidates attend a refresher course as early as possible in case of repeat exams / courses to complete.
Please see our website: ADR Section or contact the office on Lo-call:
1890 25 25 99 or Tel: 01 676 3188.
 ADR Tips for a Better Exam Experience - Imelda Brown ADR Administrator
1. Get your application form and fee in to us as soon as possible prior to date of exam. Late applications may not be accepted as places are limited.
2. Check your form is Filled Out Correctly, incomplete forms cause delays in processing applications.
3. Candidates are noti ed One Week Only prior to their exam date with venue and time of exam.
4. Failed exam candidates may re-sit the exam repeatedly for a period of 6 months. Details will be on Failure Notice letter sent to you.
5. If you have lost your ADR certi cate, you may download a replacement application form by logging onto our website, click into ADR section and scroll down to FAQs.
 Imelda Brown - ADR Administrator
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