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  Pte Nix taking aim with A COG Optical sight with Kevin Power and Evan Power
soldier. Each soldier knows exactly where their kit is kept within a container and this makes storage, retrieval and transport very efficient. Furthermore, while in military theatre, sustainment outside of local purchase is predominantly by container resupply, which is co-ordinated by the Defence Forces’ National Stores Reception Centre in the Curragh.
Dave Williams took some time to explain some differences between commercial supply chains and military supply chains, while also illustrating how manufacturing methodologies such as Just-In-Time and Lean tools and techniques inform the military decision-making process. Being a contingency organisation, these commercial techniques are certainly adapted to store, control and manage large scales of inventory for all eventualities.
Following this presentation, members of CILT were treated to an incredible tour of weapons, personnel protective equipment. From the various small arms weapons systems to Mechanised Armour, Light Tactical Armoured Vehicles and th heavy-lift DROPS; all was explained by the troops of the 111 Infantry Battalion with wonderful pride and detail. CILT members were then able to step on board armoured vehicles, troop carriers and various transport enablers for the Defence Forces to understand these from the user perspective. CILT members were treated to a demonstration of a very special and impressive container, the Defence Forces’ Command and Control (C2) tactical command station and office suite.
The members of the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport sincerely thank CQMS Dave Williams, Lieutenant
Colonel Neil Nolan, Commandant Eamon Cahill and the troops of the 111th Infantry Battalion for their time co- ordinating the visit and for their commitment of service to the Irish State. We wish you all every success; have a safe journey, a safe mission, and a safe return home to your families.
  Capt Considine explaining the layout of the Command Car within the Mowag Armoured Personnel Carrier Fleet
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