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2. Be patient; believe you can cccome back
 “Bob and I never wondered whether
or not to rebuild our home. From that first day after the fire, when Bob and [our contractor] shook hands amid the ashes, we started the long process of recreating our oasis in the chaparral.
“Building a house is a massive project, and it seemed to take forever. In the meantime, we were stuck in the suburbs again, living in a house owned by someone else, surrounded by someone else’s furniture, often wearing someone else’s clothes, and yearning all the time simply to go home.
“It took nearly two years before Terra Nova once again stood complete, looking as if it had grown in place, its stucco echoing the color of canyon earth, its windows repeating the sage green of returning chaparral, its tile roof blending the slate and silver of surrounding boulders.
“Long before that we’d begun planning a grand welcome home party. (Not a housewarming party, we were careful to point out; we’d done that already.)
“And when our guests arrived to celebrate that impending milestone, no one minded the unfinished details, the unpaved driveway or unplanted landscaping. No one complained about the stacks of leftover lumber in the yard, the rented folding chairs and tables in lieu of real furniture.
“Terra Nova rocked that day with joy and laughter, with the love and good wishes of more than a hundred family and friends who braved the twists and turns of Wildcat Canyon Road to share our celebration.”
From “A New Season,” Chapter 26 of The Fire Outside My Window
 © 2018 Sandra Millers Younger 9

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