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Keep the momentum going: Ideas to incorporate healthy detachment and forward- thinking into your everyday life
• Mental visits. If you’ve lost your home, make a list of whatever you miss most and spend a few minutes now and then “visiting” those absent treasures in your thoughts until you feel ready to let go.
• Capture memories in words. Favorite photographs that reminded you of a special event may be gone, but writing even a few sentences about that time or a specific photographic image can keep them just as fresh in your memory.
• Write an honest letter. (But don’t mail it.) What would you like to say to a person who played a role in causing the disaster or loss you’ve experienced? Vent your anger and frustration and see if you can come a little closer to forgiving that person, if not for their sake, for yours. You may also want to write a similar letter to yourself.
• Record your progress. Don’t be surprised a few years down the road to realize you’ve grown and evolved in ways you might never have expected—in spite of and possibly because of the loss or disaster you’ve experienced. Many survivors develop an increased sense of self-confidence and self-worth, greater empathy and compassion, closer relationships, deeper spirituality and more intense love of life. Jotting down just a few lines in a journal now and then will make it easy to look back later and see how far you’ve come.
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