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Vol. 11, No. 7  Serving Southern Arizona’s military community, including Davis-Monthan Air Force Base                                                   July 2018


INSIDE 355thFighterWingchangescommand

STORIES                                                        by Airman 1st Class                      day in and day out, and it is humbling to be                                Airman 1st Class Giovanni Sims
                                                               KRISTINE LEGATE                          a part of your team.”
 IMA receives awards, 3                                                                                                                                Col. Mike Drowley renders his first
 DLT warrior competes, 4                                            355th Fighter Wing Public Affairs     Over the course of his command, Camp-        salute June 29 to Airmen of the 355th
 MIA comes home, 6                                                                                     bell responded to the Air Force’s pilot short-  Fighter Wing during a change of com-
 Readiness, lethality, 8                              Col. Mike Drowley assumed command                age by driving Air Combat Command’s goal        mand ceremony at Davis-Monthan Air
 Monsoon means mold, 12                            June 29 of the 355th Fighter Wing from Col.         to increase fighter pilot production, gradu-    Force Base. Drowley previously served
 Water quality, 14                                 Scott Campbell.                                     ating more than 175 A-10 Thunderbolt II         as chief of staff for the United States
 Weather Airmen learn, 15                                                                              pilots, and revitalized the A-10 Demonstra-     Air Force’s central command, Al Udeid
                                                       Prior to assuming command, Drowley               tion Team after a five-year hiatus. Camp-       Air Base, Qatar.
FEATURE                                             served as chief of staff for the United             bell was also hand-picked as the Red Flag
                                                    States Air Forces Central Command, Al               Expeditionary Wing commander at Nellis          Academy, Colorado Springs, Colorado, as
                                                    Udeid Air Base, Qatar. Drowley is also a            Air Force Base, Nevada, where he led more       the vice commandant of cadets.
                                                    command pilot and has accumulated more              than 2,600 Airmen from 38 units through
                                                    than 2,200 combined flight hours in the             the largest Red Flag exercise in history.
                                                    Beechcraft T-34, T-38 Talon, F-15 Strike
                                                    Eagle, F-16 Fighting Falcon and the A-10               Under Campbell’s leadership, the 355th
                                                    Thunderbolt II.                                     FW won more than 80 awards culminating
                                                                                                        in Davis-Monthan AFB winning the 2018
                                                       “Men, women, Airmen, civilians and               Commander-in-Chief’s Installation Excel-
                                                    families of Davis-Monthan, you guys sure            lence Award.
                                                    know how to intimidate a guy,” Drowley
                                                    said. “You are installation of the year. It is         After commanding the Air Force’s largest
                                                    an unbelievable precedent that you’ve set.          A-10 wing for two years, Campbell has been
                                                    My contract to you is that I will serve you         reassigned to the United States Air Force

                   Airman 1st Class Michael Beyer                                                                                                       D-M goes
                                                                                                                                                        for Color
  CATM QUALIFIES AIRMEN ON M4                                                                                                                           Run ...
                                       See Page 10
                                                                                                        Airman 1st Class Frankie Moore                  Airmen from Davis-
  Continue to get Davis-Monthan                                                                                                                         Monthan Air Force Base
       Air Force Base latest news                                                                                                                       participate in the 355th
      and information from these                                                                                                                        Force Support Squad-
                                                                                                                                                        ron’s annual 5k Color
    sources: http://www.aerotech-                                                                                                                       Run, June 8 at D-M AFB.                                                                                                                          Along with the 5k run, a
                                                                                                                                                        raffle for prizes was held
                and social media                                                                                                                        at the conclusion of the
                                                                                                                                                        event. Forty volunteers
                 Desert Lightning News                                                                                                                  threw more than 200
                                                                                                                                                        bags of colored chalk at
       Date of publication                                                                                                                              Desert Lightning Team
                                                                                                                                                        members. This year’s
       First Friday                                                                                                                                     theme was “Hot Fun in
                                                                                                                                                        the Summer Sun.”
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