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Vol. 11, No. 9  Serving Southern Arizona’s military community, including Davis-Monthan Air Force Base                                             September 2018



 AMARG receives award, 3
 Get great bargains, 4
 Hispanic Heritage, 5
 DLA saves $$, 6
 Airman braves fire, 10
 Bird strikes, 12

            Airman 1st Class Erick Requadt                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Airman Frankie Moore

D-M AIRMEN SHELTER PETS                       Col. Mike Drowley, 355th Fighter Wing commander, greets Airmen of the 354th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron during an immer-
                                  See Page 8  sion July 9 at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base. While conducting immersions is part of the job for a commander, the interpersonal
                                              aspect is even more important to Drowley, who describes his leadership style as personable and service oriented.

                                              D-M’s commander to reach
                                              new levels of excellence

  Continue to get Davis-Monthan                          by Airman 1st Class                      help them out,” Drowley said. “It’s what I      leadership – it’s not about how you perform,
       Air Force Base latest news                                                                 look at as one of my primary responsibili-      or how you do, it’s how the entire team does.”
      and information from these                         KRISTINE LEGATE                          ties.”
                                                                                                                                                     Drowley wants to make sure Airmen and
    sources: http://www.aerotech-                              355th Fighter Wing Public Affairs     Drowley prefers this selfless approach       their families are taken care of so that D-M                                                                    because he sees the Airmen as part of a         has the ability to rapidly deliver combat
                                                 Col. Mike Drowley, former Chief of Staff         family, and for him, family comes first.        power and maintain lethality against its
                and social media              for the U.S. Air Forces Central Command,                                                            adversaries.
                                              Al Udeid Air Base, Qatar, took command                 “For me, the best gift I could have is
                 Desert Lightning News        June 29 of the 355th Fighter Wing at Davis-         watching my family enjoy something,”               “The previous wing commanders did a
                                              Monthan Air Force Base.                             Drowley said of his birthday. “They love        really great job articulating the mission
       Date of publication                                                                        sushi and I love steak, but I’d rather go to    and having a vision for where they want
                                                 “I was excited right from the get-go,”           a sushi dinner because I like seeing them       Davis-Monthan to go,” Drowley said. “I plan
       First Friday                           Drowley said when learning of his selection         have a good time.”                              to continue the trajectory of that vision and
                                              to be the fighter wing’s next commander.                                                            reach new levels of excellence.”
             of the month                     “But I knew I had big shoes to fill when I             Drowley’s family supported him as he led
      Submission deadline                     learned D-M just won installation of the            some of the very first combat missions to          For Drowley, coming to D-M isn’t just
                                              year.”                                              Iraq and Afghanistan. Though the deploy-        taking on a new leadership role, it’s joining
15th day of the month                                                                             ments gave him valuable experience as a         a new team.
                                                 Although Drowley knew there was a                military leader, he maintained his service-
prior to date of publication                  challenge ahead, he was eager to not only           oriented approach wherever he went.                “Most new leaders come in giving an
                                              lead, but also join the award-winning team.                                                         expectations brief – here’s what I expect
   Veterans                                                                                          “It’s not enough to be excellent yourself,   of you,” Drowley said. “I look at it a little
                                                 “I’m really excited to get to know everyone      you have to give that back in some form. And    differently – here is what you can expect of
              Tell us Your Story              and what they do – to get to know them on           that’s one of the greatest responsibilities in  me. I feel like I owe that to them.”
   Active-duty, Reserve, Retirees             a personal level so I know what I can do to
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