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                                      Welcome to the 1895 Association
                          The 1895 Association welcomes everyone who intends to leave a gift to the Malvernian Society or Malvern College in their will. As Patron of the Association, I would like to thank everyone who has already pledged their support.
A legacy gift is a wonderful way to recognise the part that Malvern College has played in your own life, in my case as a member of the Common Room. My association with the College goes back almost half a century and I enjoy reflecting on the way in which my time at Malvern has shaped me, as well as the pupils I have taught.
I am passionately interested in the education of young people. I have seen over many years what careful academic nurture can do for a child as they approach adulthood, and my firm view is that a good education of the sort that we provide at Malvern College is one of the greatest gifts you can give. I am planning my will accordingly, and have decided to dedicate my legacy to the Malvernian Society Assisted Places scheme. I have witnessed first-hand how much this can do for a child’s confidence, how it can open their minds and expand their horizons, and it gives me great pleasure to know that I can be a part of this.
Please contact the Development team if you share these values and, like me, wish to give something back. There is no obligation placed on members in terms of their legacy, but we do value the opportunity to thank you for thinking of us. We will stay in touch (if you wish) and invite you to events specially arranged with you in mind.
I can recommend it as a life-affirming experience.
Martin Frayn
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