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  Organized access to the body of
                                                                                                                  a researcher’s work for students
                           WELCOME                             WHAT IS RSPACE?                                    and others
                                 TO                                                                             A long-term stable URL that can
                                                                 RSPACE Addresses a problem that                  be used in a citation to link to
                             RSPACE                              faculty and staff members have been              items in RSPACE
                                                                 expressing to the library over the        BENEFITS FOR RENISON:
                RENISON UNIVERSITY COLLEGE                       past few years: how to manage their
                   INSTITUTIONAL REPOSITORY                      digital materials and self-post online.    Provides stewardship of scholarly output
                                                                                                           and access to all the research, cumulative
                                                                   Captures digital research material     and perpetual, of the institution through
                                                                    in any format directly from            one interface
                                                                   Describes descriptive, technical,      Showcases the international prominence

                                                                    rights metadata and assigns            of the faculty both individually and
                                                                    persistent identifiers                 collectively.

                                                                   Distributes search metadata and        Provides a proactive response to the
                                                                    delivers via Web, with necessary
                                                                    access control                         quest for open access
                “An institutional repository (IR) is a set         Preserves large-scale, stable,
                 of services that a university offers to            managed long-term storage
                  the members of its community for the           BENEFITS FOR INDIVIDUALS:
                management and dissemination of digital                                                    GETTING TO THE REPOSITORY:
                 materials created by the institution and          Long-term preservation for a
                       its community members.”                      variety of digital formats             
                                                                    including text, audio, video,
                   -  Clifford Lynch, ARL Bimonthly                 images, datasets, and more
                                Report 226                         A world-wide audience
                                                                   Quick distribution of research
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