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                                                      DDE (STUDENT), MLS, MA, BA, BED

         PROFILE                                      SUMMARY OF SKILLS
         An accomplished E-Learning educator,
         researcher, author, and presenter who        Project Management: oversaw and led a new Ex-libris
         specializes in online learning and digital   cloud-based library system and process; coordinated and
         librarianship. Director of Library Services   managed over 30 large-scale, complex IT and digitization
         and former Head of Digital Initiatives       projects that supported research and library services.
         with over 15 years of leadership and
         supervisory experience in Library and        Supervisory: hired, trained and mentored employees;
         Learning Commons services.                   managed staff performance and disciplinary issues in
                                                      unionized and non-unionized environments, thorough
         Recognized as an innovator by libraries      understanding of health, safety, accessibility and privacy
         globally on the use of emerging              legislation and policies; supports diversity and inclusion.
         technologies for library services and led    Training and Instruction: developed online resources and
         award-winning Mobile learning projects.      led training sessions; LibGuides; designed information
         Served on provincial, national, and          literacy and academic integrity programs
         consortium technical committees, he          Technology: knowledge of digital repositories; familiar with
         has expertise leading and executing          Primo VE/Alma integrated library system; Analytics;
         complex IT projects and launching            Bibliometric; Dataverse; MS Office 365; Google Classroom
         innovative library services. Offers          Budgeting and Financial Planning: management of
         creative way to deliver information          budget forecasting and fiscal planning; financial
         literacy and academic integrity training.    responsibility to $700K.
                                                      Interpersonal and Written Communication: accomplished
                                                      researcher, writer and presenter; authored book chapters
         CONTACT                                      and peer-reviewed articles for scholarly publications.
         519-741-7728                                 EDUCATION
                                                      Doctor of Distance Education [in progress]
         WEBSITE                                      Athabasca University, Athabasca, Alberta
                                                      Master of Library and Information Studies                       University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta           Bachelor of Education with Distinction [Social Studies &
                                                      School Librarianship]
          PORTFOLIO                                   University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta
                                                      Master of Arts [History]                 McGill University, Montreal, Quebec
                                                      Bachelor of Arts with Honors [History and East Asian
                                                      McGill University, Montreal, Quebec
                                                      Study Strategies Instructor Online Training Certificate
                                                      Cornell University, Ithaca, New York
                                                      Primo VE Administration Certification
                                                      Alma Administration Certification
                                                      ExLibris Academy
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