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repository in support of teaching, learning, research, and
              LINKEDIN TESTIMONIAL                           scholarly communication

         “Tony  is  one  of  the  brightest,  most      Notable achievements:
         energetic people I know. He is a born                    •   Won national and international awards for mobile
         inventor  and entrepreneur, finding                          ESL and OERKnowledge Cloud project
         ways to apply technology solutions to                    •   Developed an e-course reserve system to increase
         a  host  of  business  and  educational                      the use of e-resources by 90% and save $1M by
         challenges. If he can't find a solution,                     replacing the printed-based model
         he creates one!”                                         •   Won University Award for Service Excellence for
                                                                      provision of quality library services
         Dr. Marie Gervais,                                       •   Received Health and Safety Excellence Award for
         President,                                developing a mobile wellness app to improve
                                                                      staff’s mental and physical wellness and reduced
                                                                      absenteeism by 15%
         “One of his greatest strengths is                        •   Established an Institutional Repository with 1,960+
         working across departments and                               items to support open access and scholarly
         faculties and building strong, diverse                       communication
         teams… managing to bring out the                         •   Led projects to support faculty’s research grant
         best in everyone he works with.”                             ($3M) in 4 years

         Colin Eliot                                 Electronic Resources Librarian
         Director of Applied Research, Libraries     Athabasca University, Athabasca, Alberta
         & Emerging Technologies at Coast            2001-2007
         Mountain College                                 o   Managed day-to-day operations and workflow supporting
                                                             the selection, purchasing, licensing, access and
                                                             maintenance of electronic resources and serials in all formats
         “Tony is one of those directors who              o   Provided reference assistance to students, faculty, staff and
         also naturally serves as an inspiring               community patrons
         mentor to his students.”                         o   Developed metadata schema and workflows with staff
                                                             engaged in repository and digital collections projects across
         Andrew Wu                                           the Libraries
         Software Development Engineer at
         Amazon                                      Multimedia Consultant
                                                     Saskatchewan Education, Regina, Saskatchewan
                                                     1998 - 2001
                                                          o   Developed and maintained the Evergreen Curriculum Online
                                                          o   Provided leadership related to instruction utilizing multimedia
                                                             and electronic learning resources
                                                          o   Represented Saskatchewan Education in local, regional,
                                                             provincial (Multitype Library) database licensing consortia
                                                          o   Planned and implemented an in-service program in support
                                                             of the Evergreen Curriculum and integration of technology in

                                                        Notable achievements:
                                                                  •   Pioneered the first online curriculum with links to
                                                                      learning activities and electronic resources in
                                                                  •   Co-ordinated and supported 129 SchoolNet’s
                                                                      GrassRoots Projects with $2.5M operating budget

                                                                  •   Developed online educational modules for the
                                                                      World Bank on Information Technology in Education

                                                     Resource-based Learning Consultant
                                                     North-East Region V Shared Services, Tisdale, Saskatchewan
                                                     1997 – 1998
                                                          o   Provided consultative services to four school divisions
                                                             regarding school librarianship, technology integration and
                                                          o   Networked resources among teachers, schools, and systems

                                                          o   Planned and implemented an Internet training program for
                                                             school staff
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