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o   Hanbidge, A., Tin, T., Scholz, K. & McKenzie, A. (2017).
                 REFERENCE                                   Creating Change to Enhance Academic Integrity
                                                             through an Innovative Partnership. Asian Conference
                                                             on Education (ACE), Kobe, Japan.
         Dr. Rory McGreal
         UNESCO/COL Chair in OER                          o   Hanbidge, A. & Sanderson, N. Tin, T. & Liu, B. (2017).
         Professor                                           Information Literacy on the Go! Adding Mobile to
         Centre for Distance Education                       Engage Students. The Teaching Professor Conference,
         Athabasca University                                St. Louis, Missouri. [Poster]
         1 University Drive                               o   Hanbidge, A., McKenzie, A., Scholz, K., Sanderson,
         Athabasca, AB, T9S 3A3, Canada                      N. & Tin, T. (2017).  Academic Success Foundation:
         Tel. 1-855-807-0756                                 Enhancing Academic Integrity through Mobile
         Email:                           learning. MLearning Conference, Budapest,
         Dr. Mohamed Ally
         Commonwealth of Learning (COL)                   o   Sanderson, N. & Hanbidge, A. & Tin, T. A. (2017).
         Chair                                               Educators Adopting M-Learning: Is it Sustainable in
         Professor                                           Higher Education? MLearning Conference,
         Centre for Distance Education                       Budapest, Hungary.
         Athabasca University
         1 University Drive                               o   Tin, T. (2015). Using Mobile Technology in
         Athabasca, AB, T9S 3A3, Canada                      Information Literacy Skills Training to Enhance
         Tel. 1-866-916-8650; (780) 675-6406                 Students Learning Experience. The Asian
         Email:                       Conference on Language Learning and the Asian
                                                             Conference on Technology in the Classroom 2015
         Dr. Terry Anderson                                  Kobe, Japan. [Key Featured Speaker]
         Professor Emeritus
         Centre for Distance Education
         Athabasca University                             o   Tin, T., Schmidt Hanbidge, A., & Sanderson, N.
         10005 93 St                                         (2015). Using Mobile Technology in Information
         Edmonton, AB T5H 1W6, Canada                        Literacy Skills Training to Enhance Students Learning.
         Tel. 780 425 5950                                   The Asian Conference on Technology in the
         Email:                    Classroom (ACTC), Kobe, Japan. [Poster]

         Dr. Alice Hanbidge Schmidt
         Associate Professor                              o    Tin, T. & Hanbidge, A. (2015). Mobile Learning
         School of Social Work.                              Innovation in Information Literacy. E- Learning in
         Renison University College                          Libraries Symposium 2015. Ryerson University,
         University of Waterloo                              Toronto, Canada.
         240 Westmount Road North,
         Waterloo, ON N2L 3G4, Canada                     o   Tin, T. & McMillan, C. (2015). Mobile Qi Gong Wellness
         Tel. 519-884-4400 ext. 28682                        App- Improving Physical and Cognitive Resiliency in
         Email:                      Older Adults. The 2nd Annual McMaster Waterloo-
                                                             Wellington Clinical Research and Quality Improvement
                                                             Symposium. McMaster University, Hamilton, Canada.

                                                          o   Tin, T. & McMillan, C. (2014). From Physical Exercise to Mobile
                                                             Wellness: Design and Develop a Qi Gong App to enhance
                                                             quality of life with  Seniors  with  Mild  Dementia. The Fifth
                                                             International M- libraries Conference. Hong Kong, China.

                                                          o   Tin, T. & McMillan, C. (2014). Mobile Libraries of the
                                                             Future: From Device to User. The Fifth International
                                                             M-libraries Conference. Hong Kong, China.

                                                          o   Tin, T. (2012). From Minds to Mobile: Learning on the
                                                             Go! Mobile Imagination Workshop. The Fourth
                                                             International M-libraries Conference. Milton Keynes,
                                                             United Kingdom.

                                                          o   Tin, T. & Schafer, S. (2012). Athabasca University in
                                                             mobile learning: Seven years of Mobile Learning
                                                             projects and research. The Fourth International M-
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