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Tomlinson Arboretum volunteers dedicate new kiosk (continued from page 1)
The Vitality of a Community is a reflection of its volunteers. Arboretum Committee members gather in front of the newly dedicated information and wayfinding kiosk. From left: Jim Cheney, Loretta Macklem, Jim Hungerford, Vice Chair; Ray Glime, Chair; Scott Chabot, Joe Peruzzi, Henry Sommerstorfer.
with the selection of cedar logs from northern Michigan, which were specially chosen by the construction team. John’s Lumber donated most of the building materials, with Don and Mira Green financing the remainder of the project.
About the Tomlinson Arboretum
The Tomlinson Arboretum was established in 2008 by founding members Ray Glime, Don Green, Jim Hungerford, and the late Dr. Carl Becker. The 25-acre arboretum contains more than 1,000 trees, ground plantings and wildflowers. It is the only arboretum of its kind in the state that exclusively features tree species native to Michigan. The east entrance of the arboretum is located off Romeo Plank Road, south of Canal Road, across from the Clinton Township Civic Center. Its proximity to the Civic Center campus makes it ideally located for visitors to walk, learn, meditate and commune with nature. The very nature of an arboretum is that it is always a work in progress and the care and maintenance of its
trees and plants are a never ending process. For more information about the Tomlinson Arboretum visit:
Become a Tomlinson Arboretum Volunteer
To become a volunteer, or to join the Friends of the Arboretum, contact Dan Lepo at 586-242-0793. To sponsor a tree or bench, contact Jim Hungerford at 586-549-0307.

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