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If you’ve been to the Township Civic Center this year, or have followed along in the local newspapers, cable TV or social media channels, you’re probably aware that this year marks Clinton Township’s Bicentennial. Even though the first settlement in our area was established in the 1780s, it was 200 years ago, on August 12, 1818, that we were officially organized as a township.
In conducting research about our past, I noticed that historians like to package periods of our nation’s history into cleverly named eras. Most of the time- period names are well known and obvious. There was the Colonial period of course, which spanned most of the 17th and 18th centuries. Historical reenactments of that time take place during the summer all over Macomb County. The American Revolution was next, followed by the Confederation Period, then the Federalist and Jeffersonian Eras. But what caught my eye was the next period of our history from 1817 to 1825. It was a stretch of time that included our humble beginnings as Huron Township, later to be renamed as Clinton Township. This period of time in our nation’s history – post War of 1812 – was known as the Era of Good Feelings. I have to admit, my recollection of studying that bit of history in school has faded from memory. However, when you compare it to the tumultuous events that followed during the Jacksonian Era, the Civil War and Reconstruction, well, I suppose there is good reason.
For the most part, the Era of Good Feelings was a time when the nation looked inward, and the course of action that was agreed upon was to establish a national banking system, instill tariffs to protect American manufacturing, and begin federally- funded infrastructure improvements. Out of this effort was the completion of the famous Erie Canal, which was the forerunner to the never-completed
Clinton Township
Board of Trustees:
(l-r) Trustee Joe Aragona, Trustee
Ken Pearl, Clerk Kim Meltzer, Supervisor Bob Cannon, Treasurer Paul Gieleghem, Trustee Joie West, Trustee Mike Keys
Clinton-Kalamazoo Canal, a part of history that is very close to home.
Two hundred years ago, on April
4, 1818, the United States
Congress adopted the nation’s
flag as having thirteen red and
white stripes and a single star for
each state. There were just
twenty at the time. I enjoy
celebrating our flag. We do so in
grand style every year with our
annual fireworks and concert
event on the grounds of the Civic Center. This year, thousands of area residents experienced a grand finale worthy of a Bicentennial celebration. To me, it was one the best we’ve ever had. It seems like the turnout of area residents for this event gets larger every year, and I’m pleased with the great job our Recreation Department does in organizing and putting on such a large-scale event.
Here in Clinton Township, it’s no secret that we’re proud of our country’s flag. We honor it, along with our brave military veterans and first responders past and present, every year during commemorative events on Memorial Day, Patriots Day and Veterans Day. This year, on Patriots Day, September 11th at 5 p.m., on the Civic Center grounds, we’ll be holding a very special dedication of our new Bicentennial fountain and Michigan Historical Marker, followed by the rededication of the Patriot Day Courtyard, as well as the 17th Annual Patriot Day Ceremony. Be sure to mark your calendar and attend what promises to be an inspiring and memorable event.
Robert J. Cannon, Supervisor
Supervisor’s Message Founded in “The Era of Good Feelings”
Supervisor Bob Cannon

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