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The Clinton-Kalamazoo Canal
Due to the success of the Erie Canal across New York State, a canal route across Michigan seemed like a logical endeavor. In 1837, as part of Michigan’s internal improvement program, the Clinton-Kalamazoo Canal was planned to be dug from the Village of Frederick, located at Canal & Clinton River Roads, all the way to the Kalamazoo River, and on to Lake Michigan. Construction on the 216-mile project began in 1838 with much fanfare but financial troubles and a nation- wide recession caused funding for the canal to dry up. Work stopped in 1843 after only 13 miles had been completed. By 1850, the canal was abandoned as rail transportation became the new way to move goods and people.
Buried in Clinton Grove Cemetery on Cass Avenue is a military veteran from every war our country has ever fought.
Clinton Township has many old cemeteries. Some have graves that date back to the middle 1800's. A leisurely walk through any one of them is a step back into Clinton Township and Macomb County history. Each marker has its own unique story. Historical figures and many of the local residents who played a large part in the development of the area are buried in these cemeteries.
Ghost Towns and Villages in
Clinton Township
There are plenty of so-called ghost towns and villages from Clinton Township’s past. Even the Clinton River had several names. Here is a listing: Nottawasippee River, later changed to Huron River, then to Clinton River; Moravian (aka New Gnadenhutten), a village at Moravian & the Clinton River; est. 1782; Quinn, a village at Quinn Road and Gratiot; platted in 1816; abandoned 1873; Cady's Corner (aka Cady), a village at Moravian & Utica Roads; platted in 1833; abandoned 1906; Frederick (aka Casino), a village at Canal & Clinton River Roads; platted in the mid 1830's; Marcellus, a village at Gratiot & the Clinton River; platted in 1838; abandoned 1890; Red Run Corners, a village at 16 Mile & Gratiot; post office est. 1857; Warsaw,
a village at Cass & North Rose near depot; platted in 1862; now part of Mt. Clemens
Historical maps of Clinton Township and the surrounding area can be seen at the Clinton-Macomb Public Library.

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