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Who is LeCom?
Founded in 1980, LeCom Utility , Inc. has grown to become one of Michigan’s premier communications and power line contractors. Based in Warren, Michigan, LeCom is a multi-million dollar company that performs a range of contracting and installation services for communications andenergyproviders. LeComUtility Contractors, Inc. operates five facilities throughout the Detroit area.
LeCom employs more than 350 highly- skilled workers across its communications and utility divisions.
The communication division has 180 technicians installing digital communication equipment for multiple service operators. The utility division provides high power connectivity and emergency restoration services for major regional electrical providers. LeCom's power utility division employees are all members of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) Local 17.
LeCom’s employees are assembled into teams based on their skills and experience. These teams include:
• Power Utility Team
• Broadband and Telecommunications Team
•Communications andInstallationTeam
LeCom Utility Contractors, Inc. is a proud member of the Lentine Group
Message from the F Lentine Family
or more than 35 years, America’s largest communications and energy providers have turned to LeCom Utility Contractors, Inc., when they need assistance connecting their customers. We are proud of the industry-wide respect we have built for reliable, dependable and quality service.
At LeCom, we have the experience, the resources and track record for performance that our customers deserve and demand in their contracting partner.
As a member of the Lentine Group, LeCom belongs to a family of companies that have long histories and outstanding reputations in their respective industries.
We are an established company with the financial resources and ability to ramp up, quickly adding staff as the need dictates.
In today’s competitive marketplace, LeCom stays ahead of the curve by continually investing in new equipment and tools that provide our clients with the best service possible.
We invest in the latest technology available to ensure we surpass industry standards and more than satisfy customer demands. More importantly, we invest in our people through training and technology to make sure that the LeCom team is the safest and best- prepared team in the industry.
We value our relationships with our clients, with their customers and with our employees. We feel strongly that these relationships are reflected in the quality of our work.
Joseph S. Lentine, Anthony M. Lentine, Sam J. Lentine, Sam A. Lentine, Sebastian M. Lentine

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