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Safety Is Our Top Priority
At LeCom we measure our success in three critical categories, Safety, Reliability, and Professionalism. To accomplish these three goals we must first focus on safety. The safety of our employees and the safety of the residents who live and work in the communities we serve.
To accomplish this vital safety goal the LeCom team utilizes a safety program with three main pillars, Training, Equipment Testing and Certification.
Daily Safety Program
Pre-Job Briefs are held each morning at LeCom yards to discuss such topics as near miss events, weather, security and hazards. All attending linemen must sign in on the briefing log to verify attendance.
Job Site Tail Board, this briefing is held in the field to identify the tasks to be completed, hazards, voltage to be encountered, work location and nearest medical facility. All attending linemen must sign the briefing logs to verify attendance.
Monthly and Annual Safety Program
Each month LeCom focuses on various topics such as Pre-Job Briefings, Lock Out-Tag Out, Fire Extinguisher, Fire Prevention, CPR, First Aid, Blood Born Pathogens, Pole Top Rescue, and many other topics.
Tool and Equipment Testing and Certification
• Annual Dielectric Testing of Utility Trucks • Annual Dielectric Testing of Tools
• Quarterly Testing of Gloves and Sleeves
• Fire Proof Clothing Requirement
The entire LeCom Team is dedicated to safety and committed to exceeding our clients' and OSHA's safety standards.
We always strive to meet our clients' individual safety standards.
Pole Top Rescue Class

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