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All brochures contain a registration form that may be copied. Registrationformsmaybeprintedfromourweb site or additional forms may be obtained by calling or stopping by our office.
Walk-in–RegistrationsaretakenINPERSONattheCTPR Office.Anadult mustsignthewaiver.Paymentcanbe made by cash, check, VISA, Mastercard or money order.
Mail-In – Please complete and sign the registration form in this brochure and include it with your check or credit card number. Do not mail cash.
Online – You must have a user name and password to access Online Registration. Request a username and password from our website at any time.
Drop Box – An after hours drop box is available at the Recreationentrance. Yourregistrationshouldbeplacedin anenvelopewithyourcheckorcreditcardpayment. No cashplease! Duetoonlineregistration–programsmaysell out before your registration is processed on the next business day.
Only persons residing in the same household can be included on a single registration form.
Accepted forms of payment are cash, checks, money ordersandCreditCards. Paymentmustbemadeatthe timeofregistration. Alimitedscholarshipprogramis available for in house programs, to qualifying Clinton Township residents.
If you have provided an email address – all of your receipts will come to you via that email address. This saves valuable tax dollars and sends your registration confirmation to you moreefficientlyandcosteffectively. Pleasekeepyour informationwithuscurrent-ifyouchangeyouremail address - please alert us.
PHOTO POLICY – The Recreation Department frequently takes photos or video images of event and activity participants, visitors to our parks, and persons utilizing our facilities. These photos and video images are the sole property of the Department and may be used for promotional and marketing purposes at its discretion.
(Refund policies for contractual programs may differ from CTPR Policies.) Toreceivearefundforaprogramorevent,youmust contact the Recreation office at least two (2) business days prior to the event date. This allows us to place persons on a waiting list in your spot. Without this timely notice, a full refundisnotavailable. Acreditwillbeplacedonyour accountforanyrefundunder$5.00. Ifthiscreditisnot usedwithinoneyearfromthecreditdate,youraccountwill be cleared.
Your time and money are important investments. That is why Clinton Township Recreation has a special refund policy for all of our in-house programs. If you are dissatisfied, for any reason, we will refund the full amount of your registration fee. This policy is not able to cover commercial ticket sales, rentals, or contractual classes. Pro- rated refunds will not be retroactive and must be assessed from the date of contact to our office. Pro-rated refunds cannot be given for vacation, schedule conflicts or other non- emergencysituations. Yoursatisfactionisalways guaranteed at Clinton Township Recreation.
A check returned for insufficient funds will result in a $25.00 feebeingassessedonyouraccount. Participationin further programs may be suspended until this fee is paid.
VISA and Mastercard
For your convenience, we accept VISA and Mastercard. Thesecreditcardsareacceptedbyfax,online,bymailorin person. Sorryphoneregistrationisnotavailable.
All activity fees, dates, day, and times are subject to change.
Items found at our programs/events will be held on site until the end of the season/activity. They will then be moved to the office and kept for two weeks before donation to a local charity.

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